Lesbian Pussy Tales – Queen Mobs Teahouse

In a quest for sex, Alicia encounters two intense kitties I thought I was someone who loved cats. As a lifelong animal lover, I had a cat growing up — Penny was her name. Swiping around on Tinder just hours after landing at LaGuardia from LAX that summer, I noticed a pattern: Many of the gay […]

The Owl

By Alicia Eler I. First Word “Owl” is a difficult word for a child to pronounce. As the “o” of “owl” wraps itself around my tongue and tiny teeth, I voice “w” and “l,” until my mouth understands what shape to take. Then my lips come back together, the tip of my tongue resting on […]


My new short story ALTAR OF ADOLESCENCE is now available on Projecttile Literary Magazine. Teaser below. 😉 I. When I speak to my adolescent self, it goes a little something like this… I am a teenager and I worship false idols. I fell in love with Katy Perry as soon as she told me I […]