An Artist Reinvents Herself to Mine the Fictions of America / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — In the lead-up to a Trump presidency, the worst possible outcome for an America that has come so far in the past 100 years in terms of social progress and civil rights, it’s not insane to think that conservatives could take us back to a pre–Roe v. Wade era, to a time […]

Artists’ Fascination with the Soft, Tingling Sensations of ASMR / Hyperallergic

Sometimes we all just want someone’s gentle, soothing voice whispering in our ear that it’s all going to be okay, or we long to hear some meditative, relaxing sounds that induce calming sensations.ASMR, or “autonomous sensory meridian response,” offers these types of sensations from the comfort of your home. People who experience ASMR tend to notice […]

6 Male Artists Making Inspiring Feminist Work / Hyperallergic

We all know about the terrible gender disparity in the art world. As ladies, we live with systemic sexism on a daily basis. We are reminded of the art world’s sexism by investigations like Micol Hebron’s findings that women (here we speak only of gender not even getting into the even more bleak race statistics) […]

A Miniature Version of the Broad Museum Parodies the Art World / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — Scott Marvel Cassidy’s art makes viewers do a double take. Stylistically, his paintings are located somewhere between realism and magical realism, and this sense is only heightened when his work takes on three dimensions. In his new project “Levitate the White House,” Cassidy installs a small-scale replica ofThe Broad Museum of Art inside LAMOA (Los […]

Twenty Years Later, Returning to a Pioneering Black Lesbian Film / Hyperallergic

It’s the 1990s when a young, ambitious filmmaker goes on the hunt for “the Watermelon Woman,” a black actress who played mostly mammy roles in 1930s and ’40s Hollywood films. So goes the plotline for The Watermelon Woman, a movie by Cheryl Dunye, a black, lesbian filmmaker who seems to have named and modeled her main character after herself. Shot […]

Supercharged Sex and Corporate Control in a Queer Erotic Novel / Hyperallergic

In Lex Brown’s book My Wet Hot Drone Summer, #4 in the Badlands Unlimited New Lovers series (Hyperallergic previously reviewed #1), the artist/writer looks at a world not unlike our own, where sex, surveillance, and loss of privacy are intertwined in a commodified world of power dynamics ruled by a fictional corporation by the name of […]

A Filmmaker Probes the Magic and Madness of Female Adolescence / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — As a woman who was once a teenage girl, I have a certain fondness for any filmic or visual art that harkens back to that time of intense, unbridled feelings, awkward physical changes, and sexual desires running wild ’n free. Now that I am far from my adolescent days, I have more emotional tools […]

Inhabiting Other People’s Recorded Memories / Hyperallergic

“I turned the computer on and began to write — all the details of our story, everything that still remained in my memory,” writes the author dubbed Elena Ferrante in her book My Brilliant Friend. This is how the narrator begins her four-part story about a lifelong friendship: with the fascinating concept of dumping out all […]

Breathing Life into a High-Tech, Glowing Sphere / Hyperallergic

Back in the late ’90s, I considered going to raves. There were kids at my high school wearing jelly bracelets, wide-legged JNCO skater jeans, and last night’s eyeliner and mascara, smeared and stained. In our 9am homeroom class I could see the multi-colored, ever-flashing lights of last night’s rave bouncing off my classmates’ whites, the power transcendent and […]

From Cum Shots to Orgasmic GIFs, a Playful Take on Virtual Sex / Hyperallergic

Faith Holland’s show TECHNOPHILIA at Transfer Gallery left me wanting more, kind of like I imagine a good dick pic would. Of course, like any sexualized image sent between two consenting parties, it’s not about the image — it’s about the energy activated between sender and receiver, two participants in a virtual fantasy space. The […]