Minor White’s Vulnerability / Hyperallergic

Minor White, “Untitled (composite print)” (1973). Gelatin silver print. Reproduced with permission of the Minor White Archive, Princeton University Art Museum. (© Trustees of Princeton University. Credit: Daniel Greenberg and Susan Steinhauser.)

LOS ANGELES — Minor White’s photographs offer a portrait of a life lived in collaboration with the natural world, other people, and the great beyond. This collection of crisp photographs make up the retrospective Manifestations of the Spirit. It is a carefully staggered catalogue of White’s life’s work, weaving together chronological output with the photographer’s inner spiritual quest. The exhibition […]

Curating the Mind of John Altoon / Hyperallergic

John Altoon, “Untitled” (1966), ink and watercolor on illustration board (all images © Estate of John Altoon, all photos © 2014 Museum Associates / LACMA)

LOS ANGELES — John Altoon lived in Venice, California, back in the day, during the 1960s, before the ’70s kicked into polyester high gear. In his current retrospective at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, curator Carol S. Eliel organizes a view of this Los Angeles artist’s work that spans from his early beginnings in art — […]

This Journal Is Not a Market / Hyperallergic

Reading ‘The Enemy’ (image copyright Julian McLean)

LOS ANGELES — Here’s the problem: “It is how people come to see art as a tool, a flavor, or a device.” So says Charlie White, editor of the The Enemy, a triannual online journal that publishes long-form essays on criticism, social science, poetry, celebrity, and other cultural interests. “When viewed this way, and ultimately utilized or […]

June Wayne’s Farewell / Hyperallergic

June Wayne, “The Tunnel” (1949). Oil on canvas. (all images from the June Wayne Collection, courtesy Louis Stern Fine Arts via the Pasadena Museum of California Art)

LOS ANGELES — June Wayne’s retrospective at the Pasadena Museum of California Art is a tightly curated, chronologically arranged exhibition of paintings, prints, tapestries, and video by a founder of the feminist art movement. Wayne, who died in 2011, was born and raised in Chicago, and moved to LA in 1942 after a three-year stint in New York City. […]

“Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie” by Jerry Saltz — New York Magazine [PRESS]


I am honored to be a part of Jerry Saltz’s take on the selfie in his column for this week’s New York Magazine. Check out the quote here: Selfies are usually casual, improvised, fast; their primary purpose is to be seen here, now, by other people, most of them unknown, in social networks. They are never […]

The Last Selfie

The 3.2 gigapixel Global Selfie mosaic, hosted by GigaPan, was made with 36,422 individual images that were posted to social media sites on or around Earth Day, April 22, 2014. (via NASA)

LOS ANGELES — It’s the end of selfies as we know it. Dearest selfie fanatics, this will be my last story for the Hyperallergic selfie column; after one year of chronicling the selfie’s rise to fame, we collectively decided to let this investigation go off into the netherlands of internet data trails. I want to tell you that this is […]

It’s a Bitchy World / Hyperallergic

Juan Martin Del Campo, “Clouds (for Dolly)” (nd) Mixed media (all photographs by the author for Hyperallergic)

LOS ANGELES — The self-titled exhibition and zine release Bitches Rule, Cycle 3 is nestled in the back of & Pens Press, an art bookstore in Culver City set to become a roving/pop-up shop and online gallery come June 2. The show marks the third effort of the “casual” collective of the same name, a group of by 14 queer artists in working […]

The Other LAPD: The Los Angeles Poverty Department on Skid Row / Hyperallergic

Documentation of the 2012 Walk The Talk parade/performance. (all photographs by Austin Hines and Henriëtte Brouwers, used with permission from the LA Poverty Department.)

LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles Poverty Department is deliberately named to evoke associations between police, the criminal justice system, and how people living in poverty are treated. Concentrating on LA’s Skid Row, which has the highest concentration of homelessness in the United States, this LAPD, unlike its police department namesake, seeks to give voice to homeless people rather than criminalizing their […]

The Decisive Vernacular Photograph / Hyperallergic

Anonymous, “Man and Horse” (date unknown) from the collection of Marc Boone Fitzerman. (all images courtesy Marc Boone Fitzerman)

TULSA, Oklahoma — In the exhibition Unexpected at the Philbrook Museum Downtown, we see a series of 40 anonymous vernacular photographs from the collection of writer and photography collector Marc Boone Fitzerman, curated by the museum’s director Rand Suffolk, that offer slices of America from the 1930s through the 1960s. But unlike a typical photography exhibition, in which the name […]

Lesbian Noir with Hard-Boiled Wooden Puppets / Hyperallergic

Documentation of Susan Simpson’s ‘Concrete Folk Variations’ (all images courtesy Susan Simpson)

LOS ANGELES — It was a hot Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles. Too hot. I dragged myself to a friend’s gray Volvo station wagon and prayed as I turned the key. The car started. As the engine purred, I cringed at the heat glowing off of the leather seat. I gunned it to Highway 5, […]