“Doing It For the Dead Animals: Andersonville’s Woolly Mammoth” / Gapers Block


Adam Rust and Skye Enyeart-Rust live for adventure. Whereas a more practical business owner will tell you they opened their shop because they saw a market need, this couple did it for the thrill. For the kill, you might even say. “We were on a belated honeymoon and had been traveling all over Turkey and […]

ReadWriteWeb Tech Culture Reporter


ReadWriteWeb is one of the Internet’s leading tech news sites. From October 2011–July 2012, I served as a reporter for ReadWriteWeb. I covered the intersection of social networks, culture and communication. My most recent coverage includes Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram, the future of photo-sharing apps on the Web, the implications of posting photos of kids to […]

MoveOn.org Associate Editor

Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 3.29.50 PM

From January–September 2011, Alicia served as the Associate Editor of MoveOn.org. Here is a list of her complete duties: • Discovering and curating top viral content daily • Writing irresistibly clicky headlines and ledes for viral content posts • Tracking memes and viral trends in the progressive politics niche • Managing contributing editors and online […]

Theater Editor & Writer, Chicago Sun-Times’ CenterstageChicago.com


Centerstage is Chicago’s original city guide. Launched before Yelp and a plethora of mobile apps became the way for people to navigate Chicago, CenterstageChicago.com was the most Google-able site for reliable information on local venues. I worked with Centerstage from September 2007–March 2009. I began working with CenterstageChicago.com as a venue writer and freelance theater […]

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Gunner’s in Wicker Park

Bartender/co-owner Eric Palm serves up a drink at Gunner’s on North Milwaukee. (Erin Drewitz~Centerstagechicago.com)

At this self-proclaimed “grown-up bar,” Eric Palm, who worked at The Matchbox for 14 years, and his brother Dan Palm, who put in seven-plus years at Silver Palm, decided to go out on their own. The result is a swank Wicker Park joint covered in lots of wood and lined on the ceiling with tin. […]

Turks Know Yogurt

Berry Moon

Turkey is the birthplace of yogurt, and Turks are the yogurt experts, especially at Berry Moon, a Lincoln Park fro-yo joint. Turkish owners and yogurt fanatics Tayfur Arsu, Akif Keskin and Aziz Kork know delicious low-fat, high-quality yogurt. Click here to read my CenterstageChicago.com review of Berry Moon. Tweet

Arts & Entertainment Community Manager, Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow.com


I was the Arts and Entertainment Community Manager at the Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow.com site from March 2009–March 2010. This blog network was one of the first of its kind to exist within the context of a mainstream media organization. I was proud to help launch the site, and build up the arts and entertainment section. Some of […]