Pushing the Boundaries of Gender Performance / APERTURE

Spanning over eighty years of photographs, an exhibition explores the gender non-conforming potential of the word “they.”  The singular gender-neutral pronoun “they” was named word of the year in 2016. Judging from the social and historical depth of photography and archival imagery in the exhibition He/She/They, currently on view at ROSEGALLERY, which includes work by more than […]

How Akbar Has Managed to Stay Open — and Relevant — for 20 Years in a Gentrifying Neighborhood / LA Weekly

Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, long before it was a hipster haven replete with cheese stores and upscale coffee shops, Silver Lake was a center for L.A.’s gay leather community. That all began changing in the ‘90s, and the chipping away at that subculture has continued ever since. Over the past several years, many […]

Wall To Wall | Jennifer Korsen: Art of the Heart / CRAVE

Artist Jennifer Korsen grew up in the Valley, but her heart beats throughout Los Angeles. Like the freeways and streets that connect every area of this sprawling city, through her work Korsen uses the heart, an organ every living human intimately knows, to discuss ongoing themes of communication and connection. The L.A.-based artist, who prefers […]

‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ Could Break Down Ideas About Monogamy / MEL Magazine

Could reality TV open up a real conversation about relationships? During the last season of The Bachelorette, 25-year-old bachelorette JoJo Fletcher was overwhelmed. The physical intimacy she experienced in the Fantasy Suite — the only private moment offered to contestants who are dating, as a reward — came threefold. In an interview with People Magazine, Fletcher joked: “I’ve definitely […]

Nikita Gale: Place is the Space is the Place / Art21 Magazine

Born in Alaska, Nikita Gale spent her formative years in Atlanta before attending Yale University, where she studied anthropology and archaeology. But she always had a sense that she’d end up making art. A turning point occurred during her last undergraduate semester, after the passing of her maternal grandfather, Walter Norman, who was an avid […]

‘Feminist Fairytales’ hilariously reawakens your childhood inner rage / Daily Dot

Deeply hidden away in every American is a memory of some fairytale they first heard as a child—and those standards of Eurocentric beauty are haunting. Actor/comedian Sarah Ann Masse is the American half of British-American sketch comedy duo, We Are Thomasse. Her husband and fellow performer Nick Afka Thomas is the Brit. Masse was reminded […]

Bug Out / The New Inquiry

What’s crawling underneath the fantasy of an insect-free home? WE who live in homes still strive for them to be bug-free, or at least occupied by as few bugs as possible. The proliferation of exterminators and other “pest control” companies like Orkin position bugs as terrible things that could invade your home. Their advertising suggests […]

Issa Rae’s long road from YouTube to HBO / Daily Dot

Issa Rae is in post-production for her forthcoming HBO show Insecure, set to bereleased on Oct. 9. But the breakthrough star is also working on a million other projects. A girl’s gotta stay busy. She is best known for her popular webseriesAwkward Black Girl, which premiered onYouTube in 2011 and ran through 2013. The show […]

‘The Book of Ye’ podcast explores all-things Kanye / DailyDot Upstream

To many, Kanye West is a mystery. To others, he’s a genius. Is his infamous Twitter presence performance art, or nonsense more in line with his “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” line? You’re along for a bumpy ride either way. West and his wife Kim Kardashian West are media personalities as good at drawing attention to […]

The New Inquiry Vol. 54: Bugs

AS we write this, an ant is crawling on our forearm. More than any other non-human lifeform, bugs of any size — the term can refer to a virus, bacterium, or arthropod — challenge the serenity of life under human command, which in the anthropocene means nearly all life. We have taken the ant between […]