Queer Art’s Not Just About Gender—A Chicago Survey / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Just because you say art’s queer doesn’t mean it’s about depictions of dicks and vajayjays, man.

Over the past few months, two large-scale exhibitions dealing with changing notions of what “queer art” even is have overflowed into Chicago’s art world. The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics (Sullivan Galleries at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, September 14–November 10, 2012) and All Good Things Become Wild and Free curated by Danny Orendorff at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin (September 11–November 17, 2012) represent two modes of thinking about how queer no longer just means “gay” or “lesbian,” or even includes overt modes of sexuality. Today’s new queer aesthetic is one that considers artists working in non-normative modes of creating, and not so much about same-sex lovin’.

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