Managing Editor: The OPP ART CRITICS SERIES for the OtherPeoplesPixels Blog

We are pleased to announce The OPP ART CRITICS SERIES, a new collaboration with OtherPeoplesPixels.

In the spirit of continuing to explore/explode Mr. Walter Benjamin’s idea of the “aura,” artist-run website portfolio service OtherPeoplesPixels is tackling the idea of asking art critics to examine art through websites rather than in a gallery or museum setting.

We were inspired to start this series because of a simple truth: We all look at art online. We spend time on artists’ websites, search artists’ names on Google Images, lurk on their Facebook pages, reblog and heart art we like on tumblr, and organize collections of our favorite images on our iDevices.

In fact, nowadays most of us probably encounter a great deal more art online than in museums, galleries, artist-run spaces and as public art installations. We think of the work of our favorite artists, but perhaps we’ve only seen it on the Internet, never IRL (that’s “in real life” for Internet newbies). Nevertheless, this work continues to be inspiring and meaningful to us.

How would an art critic, whose job and duty it is to write intelligently and analytically about visual art, write and think about art they see only through the lens of a website? We posed this challenge to seven outstanding art critics, and they accepted. Look for the first post on May 14; the series will continue through August 2013.

Check out our collection of OPP Art Critics Series essays:

OtherPeoplesPixels (OPP)is a portfolio website service made by artists for artists, and includes web-hosting, personal domains and an email address. The websites are intuitive, easy to set-up and a breeze to update. OPP’s motto goes like so: “Spend time on your artwork, not on your website!” The OPP blog showcases the work of OPP artists through interviews and documentation of artworks made especially for the web.