Mortified Chicago: Adolescence revisited on ABC-7’s show 190North [TV]

I’ll never forget what it was like to be a teenage girl.

Crushes kept me up all night long journaling about a never-ending wave of emotions. I scrawled poems about masturbation while listening to songs on repeat from my idol, queer folk singer-songwriter Ani Difranco. And, of course, I wrote songs about my intense relationships with girls that lasted, oh . . . three weeks.


I had the surreal opportunity of revisiting these adolescent feelings and experiences at Mortified in Chicago.

Fashion blogger Lindsay Ginn shot this video above. Thank you, Lindsay!

A segment on Mortified Chicago featuring all the brave performers—Jason Economus, Janet Davies, Shylo BisnettDyan FloresBrooke Allen and Shay DeGrandis—airs on the ABC-7 program 190North this Sunday, May 16th.

I also performed a bit of this mortification at comedian Shak Standley’s Memorial Day Comedy Bash at Lido’s Cafe in Oak Park, Illinois, on May 25. Here I’m seen dishin’ about masturbation, an ex-girlfriend named Di$hquana (no, for real; just skip to minute 7), and an Ani DiFranco concert that changed my life forever.


Adolescence seems like so long ago, but I’m still mortified by all of this.