Comedy Show! The TV Show Show: Seinfeld Edition / hosted by Melissa Rocha

Hey! I am so excited to have a piece/ maybe make an appearance at this show in Brooklyn later this month!   BUY TICKETS: FB RSVP: Tweet

Comedy! Stand-Up Comedy Show for Judith Shelton’s Class

We had so much fun at this show! I highly recommend Judith Shelton’s stand-up class for anyone, regardless of how serious you feel about comedy. I know it’s a serious thing, but really, you can relax and just take this class 😉   Tweet

Mortified Chicago: Adolescence revisited on ABC-7’s show 190North [TV]

I’ll never forget what it was like to be a teenage girl. Crushes kept me up all night long journaling about a never-ending wave of emotions. I scrawled poems about masturbation while listening to songs on repeat from my idol, queer folk singer-songwriter Ani Difranco. And, of course, I wrote songs about my intense relationships […]