Infinite Return: Jenny Yurshansky Traces Her Soviet Jewish Roots / KCET Artbound

For years, Los Angeles artist Jenny Yurshansky has asked her mom the same question: When will they go back to Moldova? The small country, wedged between Ukraine and Romania, is part of her family’s story. Yet, she’s never even seen it. Yurshansky’s mother and father left their home country of Moldova in 1979 during their late 20s. They were […]

Mirabelle Jones Fights For Women’s Rights One Catcall at a Time / KCET Artbound

Catcalling can happen randomly. As a woman, you might start to even expect it. Over time, some women become less phased by it and more internally pissed off. It’s hard to remain neutral and unfeeling when some random guy yells obscenities at you, tells you he wants to have your baby, or just that you […]

Beyond Pranks: Marc Horowitz’s Mischievous Social Practice / KCET Artbound LA

Los Angeles-based artist Marc Horowitz isn’t a comedian, but humor is an underlying theme in his wide ranging art. Through all of his hybrid performance art/comedy/social practice/long-form experimental projects, he works in a manner more akin to improv comedy than standup, and starts from a place of vulnerability that eventually spins out into something that […]

Petra Cortright: Post-Internet Art in the Social Media Age / KCET Artbound LA

Petra Cortright was raised in Santa Barbara, but she grew up on the Internet. The Los Angeles-based artist’s work is often typified as “post-Internet art,” which roughly translates to art that uses the Internet as its medium, source, context and place where it is performed, all at once. It’s a mirror and a mindbender. Curators […]

Dreaming of the Real: Observing Artist Scott Marvel Cassidy / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

In Scott Marvel Cassidy’s paintings, drawings and sculpture, it’s often times impossible to separate reality from a dreamlike state, or to differentiate the manufacture of a domesticity with the actual domestic life. Focused on intersecting themes of memory, the immediate physical environment, and the quandaries of referring to painting as purely “representational,” Cassidy’s painting, drawing […]

Matt Siegle: Mining the San Gabriel Mountains’ Golden Past / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Artist Matt Siegle wanted to understand the drifters, 19th century historical enthusiasts, and homeless individuals who inhabit the San Gabriel Mountains today, where gold mining was once a thriving industry. What he found didn’t so much complete a narrative as inspire further research into this area just north of Los Angeles that was very much […]

A History of Hysteria in Art, Film, and Literature / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Vireo is a new opera composed by Lisa Bielawa on a libretto by Erik Ehn and directed by Charles Otte, featuring 16-year-old soprano Rowen Sabala. A collaborative project of KCET and Cal State Fullerton’s Grand Central Art Center, Vireo is being created expressly for episodic release via broadcast and online media, airing on KCET’s Artbound March 31 at […]

Invasive Species: Jenny Yurshansky Plants Her Stake / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Somewhere on Interstate 210, speeding through the California landscape, I looked off into the distance and realized that this view was made for travelers. It was a sunny day, and artist Jenny Yurshansky and I were on our way to her show “Blacklisted: A Planted Allegory” atPitzer College. The drive took nearly an hour, and […]

VOTE for Zoe Crosher’s Fantasy Manifests Destiny / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

  Let’s make my story into a documentary! Just vote here: Meanwhile, read the story. . .  There’s a stretch of Interstate 10 from Los Angeles, passing through Palm Springs to Tucson, that artist Zoe Crosher describes as a sort of “no man’s land.” Crosher knows it well from her early days in L.A., […]

Charlie White’s Culture of Desire / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Artist Charlie White is invested in the project of American adolescence. Fascinated by the commodification of desire and how this mechanism operates under capitalism, White’s art practice focuses on the teen girl. To White, she is the most powerful bodily form to be employed in the American pop culture imagination, both the locus of reproduction […]