The Honesty of Teens and Their Bedrooms / Hyperallergic

An adolescent girl in her bedroom is a curious thing. If she has her own and doesn’t share it with a swath of siblings, it will become her sanctuary, a place to which she retreats when she wants to get into her own zone and be with herself. Typically, the walls are covered in posters […]

What a Teenager’s Backpack Tells Us About Art / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Amanda Ross-Ho recreated a soft-sculpture replica of an anonymous teen-girl’s backpack, blowing it up to 400% of its original size. It hangs at the back of the white-walled gallery space, the focal point of her solo exhibition Cradle of Filth that juxtaposes this adolescent girl’s heart-and-soul scribbled onto a backpack with a series of abstract […]

Interview: Where Are The Girls, Online? Part Two of an Interview with Kate Durbin / Hyperallergic

Artist and writer Kate Durbin is both an internet scavenger and connoisseur. Like a cultural anthropologist, she prowls the immaterial space of Tumblr, discovering user-generated content that describes the semi-anonymous emotional outpourings of masses of women, girls and young people. I first discovered her project “Girls, Online,” through a Facebook post. We talked about her project in part […]

Interview: Kate Durbin Finds Virtual Moments of Adolescent Vulnerability in “Girls, Online” / Hyperallergic

Artist and writer Kate Durbin is both a scavenger and connoisseur of the internet. She prowls the immaterial space, searching for images that express the emotional lives of adolescent girls. It was on Facebook that I first noticed a link to Durbin’s project “Girls, Online,” a collection of anonymous Tumblr posts from teenage girls that she assembled […]