When Great Art Makes You LOL / Hyperallergic / collab with Alex Huntsberger

Greetings, Internet! Here’s a delightful essay that I’ve co-authored with my dear friend, Alex Huntsberger, who is a theater critic based in Chicago. Check it!     If you heard peals of laughter ringing out through the quiet, reverent halls of an art museum, what would your reaction be? Would you “tut-tut” in their general […]

Alicia Eler, Chicago Correspondent for Hyperallergic

Woohoo! I’m pleased to announced that I am an official Chicago correspondent for NYC-based art blog hyperallergic. If you have a Chicago show that you think I should write about, email me at alicia@hyperallergic.com. Hyperallergic is an online publication that brings magazine-quality arts writing to the Internet. It is a forum for serious, playful and radical thinking […]

Exhibition Essay for “The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics”

Interpreting Progressive Rituals of a New Queer Aesthetics Queer time follows its own rules, building around location, movement and identification. Adulthood, responsibility and other aspects of the “mature” self as defined by a normative time do not exist as such in queer time. Adolescence may be revisited, re-experienced and revised. Family is a combination of […]

Art News: “A Lesbian Kiss Awakens Sleeping Beauty” / Hyperallergic

In Canadian-Ukranian artist Taras Polataiko’s exhibition Sleeping Beauty at the National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev, which continues until September 9, the artist positions himself as a postmodern fairytale mythmaker, a Brothers Grimm of the internet Age. The exhibition itself is simple, based on Charles Perrault’s 1697 fairytale of the same name — but the real-life […]

Chicago Gallery News: Collector Conversation with Dr. Dan Berger

Are some people biologically drawn to art? Having nurtured a collection since 1988, Dr. Daniel S. Berger thinks so. Writer Alicia Eler visited Dr. Berger’s home, and the two discussed how a collection’s theme takes shape, how art adds balance to a stressful life, and how this collector is inspired by the challenges many artists face. […]

CHICAGO GALLERY NEWS: Collector Conversation with Scott J. Hunter

Writer Alicia Eler spent some time with Scott J. Hunter, and his dog Tyler, in Chicago’s South Loop to talk about how he gradually came to collect art, what it is about abstract art that intrigues him now, and his own “rule of three” when it comes to really wanting to acquire an artist’s work. […]

Do Opposites Really Attract? Mark Velasquez, Heaven, and Hell on BRAVO’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,” Episode 8

In Episode 8 of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, three artist pairs were selected at random, and given an assignment to jointly create works of art about opposing forces. Peregrine Honig and Mark Velasquez worked on “Heaven and Hell,” Nicole Nadeau and Abdi Farah had “order and chaos,” and Miles Mendenhall and Jaclyn […]

Peregrine Honig on BRAVO’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,” Episode 1

Tonight, my dear friend and fellow queen bee, Peregrine Honig, will appear on BRAVO’s reality television show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. In each episode of the show, the contestants create works of art from a variety of mediums that are designed to “push the limits of their technical skills and creative boundaries,” […]

Where to buy cheap, quality art in Chicago this summer

Summer is here. Short shorts are back, the beach is a cooler- and beach ball-filled playground, and neighborhood art fairs pop up like the summertime ice cream truck – you know, the one that plays the same 20-second keyboard tune as it circles a six-block radius. Looking for an abstract painting with drips that match […]

Review: David Ford in ART PAPERS (March/April 2010)

I had the pleasure of writing about David Ford’s show Relax (November 20, 2009-January 9, 2010) at the Dolphin Gallery in Kansas City. It appeared in the  March/April 2010 edition of Art Papers magazine. Tweet