A Bookmobile Becomes a Book / Hyperallergic

Remember the thrill of finding the library bookmobile as a kid? I do. I rode my pink Schwinn bike through a suburban wonderland, dodging cars and small children to meet the mobile. Nowadays I associate those types of trucks with tacos, but the memory of wandering into the bookmobile to grab a hardcover and stuff […]

10 Chicago Art Exhibitions to See This Winter / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — There will be hundreds of exhibitions between now and the end of March, when the weather starts to warm up around these Middle West parts. Culled from this group are 10 not-to-miss shows opening during this period that ask questions about climate change, tensions in the Middle East, long-gone Chicago cultural spaces, why […]

Latham Zearfoss Knits Together Materiality, Domestic Politics, and Queer Identity / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — The absence of the body (politic), the presence of a re-negotiated domesticity, and a necessary embracing of the fine line between romance and criticality play forward roles in artist Latham Zearfoss’s work, which embodies radical feminism of days past while looking toward the future. Zearfoss’s new work, which is part of the group exhibition How […]

Review: Homage to a City’s Queer History / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Edie Fake is a radical punk queer feminist activist. He is currently “at large” in Chicago. Before that, he was driving around the country in a yellow school bus doing the gay performance “Fingers.” At the opening of his solo exhibition Memory Palaces at Thomas Robertello, he told me that he grew up somewhere outside of […]

Review: A Wild Forest of Queer Aesthetics / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Curator Danny Orendorff’s 19-artist exhibition All Good Things Become Wild and Free at Carthage College’s H.F. Johnson Gallery of Art located in Kenosha, Wisconsin, is a textually rich, difficult-to-describe arrangement. It is a forest plucked from the sewage system of Candyland-meets-Edward-Gorey’s-subconscious, populated by wild, overgrown glitter flowers, anus-like ruptures from neon-spray-painted, inflated, amorphous objects that […]