Meditations from the Middle / Hyperallergic

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — There is nothing in the center, because it’s the middle and the middle doesn’t matter. At least, that’s what interest in smaller non-coastal American cities historically tends to be. Detroit pops up on the art world’s radar when it comes to ruin pornand rebuilding. St. Louis offers cultural gems like the Pulitzer Foundation and the World […]

Critic’s Pick: “We’ll All Make Out Better Than Okay” /

“We’ll All Make Out Better Than Okay” CHARLOTTE STREET FOUNDATION 1000 W. 25th Street October 25–December 20 A giant white gym sock covering a robotic arm that once functioned in a Detroit auto-manufacturing plant speaks in a deadening monotone to passersby. He talks about what it’s like to become useless and rambles about other topics […] Critic’s Pick: MOUNT @ Haw Contemporary KCMO

Kansas City “Mount” HAW/CONTEMPORARY 1600 Liberty September 13–November 2 Donna Huanca, Cuban Rebels (The Last Supper), 2007, fabric on canvas, 8’ 4” x 11’ 7”. In this group exhibition, curator Peregrine Honig channels the historically romanticized American cowboy, positioning him as one who mounts but never rides. John Woods’s three-hundred-pound Marbles and Coins from MacArthur Park, 2008, is the show’s literal […]

Performance Art, Present and Future / Hyperallergic

KANSAS CITY, Missouri — There’s an amazing show about contemporary performance art, and it may be coming to an art venue near you. Having just left the H&R Block Artspace at the Kansas City Art Institute, curator RoseLee Goldberg’s exhibition Performance Now is like a touring indie rock band, minus the live performers. Through video and documentation, it stars […]

A Print Outpost for America’s Overlooked Art Metropolises / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — The idea of a city-specific annual art magazine available only in a tightly bound assortment of chunky-thick pages, glossy front-and-back covers, and near-cardstock paper is the antithesis of what we at Hyperallergic present to you, dear reader. In a world of increasingly networked experiences — where we read stories online and and “meet” […]

Peregrine Honig on BRAVO’s “Work of Art: The Next Great Artist,” Episode 1

Tonight, my dear friend and fellow queen bee, Peregrine Honig, will appear on BRAVO’s reality television show, Work of Art: The Next Great Artist. In each episode of the show, the contestants create works of art from a variety of mediums that are designed to “push the limits of their technical skills and creative boundaries,” […]