LA Artists Raised $100K for the ACLU — Now What? / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — “Amplify Compassion” may be the best name for an art sale to benefit the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) during a time when the President himself utterly lacks compassion, managing only occasionally to shout “Sad!” at the end of random tweets. Over post–Inauguration Day weekend, LA artists Paul Pescador, Rochele Gomez, Daniel Ingraff, […]

An Artist Reinvents Herself to Mine the Fictions of America / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — In the lead-up to a Trump presidency, the worst possible outcome for an America that has come so far in the past 100 years in terms of social progress and civil rights, it’s not insane to think that conservatives could take us back to a pre–Roe v. Wade era, to a time […]

Nikita Gale: Place is the Space is the Place / Art21 Magazine

Born in Alaska, Nikita Gale spent her formative years in Atlanta before attending Yale University, where she studied anthropology and archaeology. But she always had a sense that she’d end up making art. A turning point occurred during her last undergraduate semester, after the passing of her maternal grandfather, Walter Norman, who was an avid […]

In Review | The Finite Realities of Christopher Russell’s ‘Ersatz Infinities’ / CRAVE

Christopher Russell manipulates natural landscapes, messing with the viewer’s ideas of reality. In his solo exhibition Ersatz Infinities at Mark Moore Gallery, the Portland-based artist wanders through a series of landscape photographs, heavily manipulating to the point of near-abstraction. He creates pigment prints which he scratches into with a razor. Such is typical of Russell’s […]

Josh Gondelman on Twitter pep talks and honest comedy / DailyDot Entertainment

Some comedians don’t take shit from anyone. Josh Gondelman is truly an exception. In fact, he’ll hold your shit if you hand it to him and ask nicely. Gondelman recently hosted a release party in Los Angeles for his new album,Physical Whisper, the title of which comes from a joke about kissing his girlfriend. He’s […]

Wall To Wall | Video Interview with LA Artist Vanessa Prager / CRAVE

When L.A. artist Vanessa Prager paints, she paints hard. She doesn’t make paintings so much as she makes gloopy, blobby, swirling sculptural works out of paint, indulging in extreme messy excess. These are portraits that are more like landscapes – alive with movement, crystallized ephemerality, and oozing sensuality. Prager’s paintings are nothing like they appear online, which […]

Interview | Gavlak Gallery’s Future Focus at the 10-Year Mark / CRAVE

The gallery business is a fickle one. How does a gallerist interpret and work with market trends while also focusing on the joy of the art that most excites them, which is usually why they opened galleries in the first place? Gallerist Sarah Gavlak seems to have cracked the code. She recently celebrated the 10-year mark […]

Uber Driver Moments: From Solon’s Midwestern Engine to Sylvester’s Selfie Ways / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column

I do not have a car and I live in LA. I hate driving; it makes me feel anxious and distracted at the same time. I’ve never been a good driver – my mom fears driving with me. Maybe I’m one of those people that can’t handle manmade engines. Luckily, I moved to LA at […]

Performance Artists Use Stand-Up Tropes, but Not For Laughs / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — There’s nothing funny about art. Writing art criticism is a serious endeavor. But at some point, the performance of professionalism in the art world just started to feel like one big joke, and I began noticing a crossover between the art and comedy worlds. Artists, like stand-up comics, were poking fun at their audiences […]