Suggestions for Tinder CEO Sean Rad’s new art collection / DailyDot LOL

Tinder CEO Sean Rad recently declared that he wants to cultivate a new passion: collecting art. Rather than sit around swiping away endlessly on the app he co-founded, he’s on his way to art galleries and museums, checking out works of art that he could conceivably bring into his home, where he will then continue swiping—but […]

6 Monumental Art and Theater Events We’d Travel Back In Time To See / CRAVE

There are events and world happenings that we all wish we’d been alive to witness. My dad fondly recalls his tripped-out visit to Woodstock, and though he has no photographs from the event, when he talks about it I feel like I was there. Rather than wander down a nostalgic history of days past with dad, […]

News: Day Three, Miami Art Fairs: Gimme a sign / Newcity Newspaper

Light Luv and Happiness When one starts seeing the same neon lights on flashy hotel signs in Miami Beach as they do in art fair booths, always remember that arguments about the separation between pop culture and the art world are useless. Tracey Emin’s heart-shaped neon sign “For You” (2008) at White Cube Gallery’s Art […]