DGUUczEUAAAIoHdA recent transplant from Los Angeles, Alicia Eler is the author of The Selfie Generation, out November 7 through Skyhorse Books. She/they are the visual art critic/reporter at the Star Tribune, covering art in and around the Twin Cities. Alicia’s cultural criticism and reporting have appeared in various publications, including the Guardian, GLAMOURNew York Magazine, CNN, LA Weekly, theChicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, New InquiryHyperallergicAperture, MAXIM,  Art21 magazine, and Artforum. Alicia’s work is quoted in the New York Times, New Yorker, BuzzFeed, Gawker (RIP), and VICE, and she’s cited as a selfie expert in the Washington Post and New York Magazine. Visit Alicia on Twitter and Instagram at @aliciaeler.

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