I don’t call myself bisexual – I let my stories tell themselves

From The Guardian, October 2, 2015: I’ve always felt attracted to both men and women, but usually not at the same time. One day it’s more dude-focused and then it’s back to women, but it always feels fluid. This has nothing to do with my ...
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When my 90s-era online love showed up, I knew my memories were a fantasy

From The Guardian, July 31, 2015: In my early 20s, I found myself in New York City doing an internship in Midtown Manhattan. I didn’t know that many people in New York, I was always shivering in the heavy air-conditioning, and my boss didn’t seem ...
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The mall is part of the American experience. It was our public square.

From The Guardian, February 23, 2015: I love the mall as much as I love the urban walking experience, museums and movie theaters. Today the stripmall is not just a part of my everyday life in Los Angeles - a place that so well offers the ...
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What Is the Lesbian Dick Pic?

From New York Magazine, April 28, 2016: To the extent that there’s a defining image of the current era in sex trends, it’s the dick pic. It’s increasingly normal to find that people who date — or maybe even just know — men have a few megabytes ...
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Bug Out

From The New Inquiry, August 30, 2016: What’s crawling underneath the fantasy of an insect-free home? WE who live in homes still strive for them to be bug-free, or at least occupied by as few bugs as possible. The proliferation of exterminators and other “pest control” ...
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Joe Cool

From The New Inquiry, March 2, 2016: Why isn’t the popular grocery store Trader Joe’s on social media? TODAY’S consumerism is riddled with elaborate and often meaningless choices: Which brand of pasta should you buy? Would that be best with Ragu, Amy’s Organic, or Muir Glen ...
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Tinderization of Feeling (with Eve Peyser)

From The New Inquiry, January 14, 2016: Tinder’s binary mechanisms can be a template for a whole way of life in which everything is an option and processing beats choosing LIVING with a sense of overwhelming choice means exerting an insane amount of emotional energy in making the most ...
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How to Win Tinder (with Eve Peyser)

From The New Inquiry, August 26, 2015: Tinder involves managing the vulnerability of “putting oneself out there” by playing it like a video game. “We saw some beautiful things here. Things we’ll never forget … Everyone was just trying to find themselves. God it was so ...
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The Women Behind Netflix’s Girlboss Share How You Can Start Being the Boss of Your Own Life

From Glamour, March 15, 2017: When Charlize Theron read Sophia Amoruso’s memoir, #Girlboss, about the eBay entrepreneur’s unconventional approach to starting the Nasty Gal empire, it wasn’t the author’s history of dumpster diving or her rebellious attitude that drew Theron in. No, “every page was pure motivation,” says the ...
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Skewering clichés in Ellen von Unwerth’s erotic Bavarian wonderland

From CNN, March 3, 2017: Milk the cows. Churn the butter. Chop the wood. These farmland chores sound boring as all hell until they're re-envisioned as a campy Bavarian fantasy in "Heimat," a series by German photographer Ellen von Unwerth. The photos have been compiled in ...
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Sam Richardson from ‘VEEP’ on TV’s Hottest Political Sitcom

From Maxim, May 9, 2016: The hit HBO series regular talks Julia Louis-Dreyfus and his upcoming Comedy Central show. It’s hard to hate a do-gooder who is charmingly oblivious. Take Richard Splett, played by Sam Richardson plays on HBO's hit political cringe comedy hit Veep. Splett ...
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Actor and Comedian John Early is Taking Over All Your Screens

From Maxim, May 21, 2016: Look for him in Seth Rogen's new 'Neighbors 2.' John Early is literally on fire — there are more flames coming off of him than a young Divine in Pink Flamingos. The young actor-comedian is everywhere—from scoring a Netflix Special titled The Characters to a ...
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A Leimert Park Performance Artist Weaves Together Social Media and South L.A. History

From LA Weekly, January 27, 2017: Jasmine Nyende was 12 years old when she started fiddling with her family's video camera. These early experiments inadvertently chronicle her childhood in Leimert Park, a neighborhood that's seen a lot of change in the past decade or so. Now ...
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An L.A. Art Show was the Backdrop for a Major Discussion About the Future of Standing Rock

How Akbar Has Managed to Stay Open — and Relevant — for 20 Years in a Gentrifying Neighborhood


Pushing the Boundaries of Gender Performance

From Aperture, October 19, 2016: Spanning over eighty years of photographs, an exhibition explores the gender non-conforming potential of the word “they.” The singular gender-neutral pronoun “they” was named word of the year in 2016. Judging from the social and historical depth of photography and archival imagery in the ...
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Alicia is the visual art critic/arts reporter at the Star Tribune.

First Somali-American art show at Minneapolis Institute of Art spans three generations

From the Star Tribune, August 24, 2017: Organized by Jan-Lodewijk Grootaers, the museum's curator of African art, "I Am Somali" draws its title from a poem of that name by Abdulkadir Hersi Siyad. Artist Ifrah Mansour was crouched on the floor of the Minneapolis Institute of Art, ...
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With prayers, drums and chainsaws, dismantling of ‘Scaffold’ begins

From the Star Tribune, June 6, 2017: Work is expected to take four days, although the concrete pad poured for the controversial Walker sculpture may remain longer. In just a few days, the gallows-like sculpture will be a pile of chopped wood. After an hour ...
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Walker Art Center director regrets not discussing ‘difficult’ new sculpture with American Indians

From the Star Tribune, May 27, 2017: Walker expresses regret over "Scaffold," partly based on the hangings of 38 Dakota members. The Walker Art Center’s executive director expressed regret Friday to Minnesota’s American Indian communities over tensions raised by a new sculpture, “Scaffold,” a gallows-inspired ...
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“We’ll All Make Out Better Than Okay”

From Artforum, September 2017: A giant white gym sock covering a robotic arm that once functioned in a Detroit auto-manufacturing plant speaks in a deadening monotone to passersby. He talks about what it’s like to become useless and rambles about other topics as well: “My ...
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Critic’s Pick – “Dutes Miller”

Critic’s Pick – Abigail DeVille at Iceberg Projects

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President Obama Pens Personal Apology to an Art Historian

From Hyperallergic, February 18, 2014: Professor Ann Collins Johns at the University of Texas at Austin was just as peeved as many people were about President Barack Obama’s knock on art history majors. So she did what any self-assured art historian would do and wrote a letter ...
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An Online Project Shames Selfie-Takers at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial

From Cum Shots to Orgasmic GIFs, a Playful Take on Virtual Sex

I, Selfie: Saying Yes to Selfies

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