Alicia Eler is a writer, art critic, and comedian based in Los Angeles. She covers art, culture and funny stuff for HyperallergicArtsy, Daily Dot LOL, KCET Artbound Los Angeles, and CRAVE, writes personal narrative essays for The Guardian and Fusion, and pens thoughtful, theoretical essays for The New Inquiry such as How to Win Tinder, which was named one of Gawker‘s Best Things We Read in 2015 and Tinderization of Feeling, which has gone viral. She guest edited the Art21 Magazine issues HAPPINESS (September/October 2015) and FAMILY (May/June 2015). Alicia’s coverage of selfie culture is featured in New York Magazine and the Washington Post, and her art and culture journalism is cited in Perez Hilton, BuzzFeed and on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, among others. The Daily Dot recently named her one of 15 hilarious women you need to follow on Twitter, so you should probably follow her on Twitter, like, right now (@aliciaeler).