Social Media Consulting: Elizabeth Restaurant

Queen Bee Creative worked with Iliana Regan on her local, sustainable food business and underground dining event, One Sister Inc. We are very pleased to announce that Iliana has transformed One Sister Inc. into her bigger vision, Elizabeth Restaurant. Located on the busy strip of Western Avenue, Elizabeth Restaurant’s mission is to highlight nose to tail, root to branch, and farm to table Midwestern bounty. Food isn’t the only goal here; Elizabeth strives to build community through her love of food and nature. The restaurant’s dining room has three communal tables for the three menus- Owl, Deer and Diamond. Dining at Elizabeth is truly an experience into the world of fine foraged and organic cuisine, yet maintains the comfortable feel of Regan’s very own dining room. And did we mention that there are owls all over the restaurant?

Elizabeth Restaurant Super Social Media Session

Queen Bee Creative provided a complete evaluation of Elizabeth Restaurant’s current social media strategy, including the Woodland Chef Blog, Elizabeth Restaurant’s Facebook Page and the Elizabeth Restaurant Twitter account. We focused on the visual nature of Elizabeth Restaurant’s content, investigating the nature of high volume posts and ideas. The Elizabeth Restaurant team left our meeting feeling great about the future of their social media strategy.

To learn more about Elizabeth Restaurant, please visit her website:

Chicago Reader cover story about Iliana Regan and Elizabeth Restaurant: