Swimming Pool Project Space, Copywriter

Swimming Pool Project Space 

Swimming Pool Project Space was a standby of the Chicago art community from 2008-2011. An artist-run gallery space opened by well-known local artistLiz Nielsen, the Swimming Pool – or “The Pool” as it was affectionately called – hosted more than 25 shows during its successful three-year run. Nielsen refers to it as “a blue rectangle that inspires conversation and play in relation to art.” It is set to re-open in Brooklyn sometime in 2013. 

As an early supporter of The Pool, I also worked with Director Liz Nielsen to develop some of the early marketing materials. My projects included:

  • Creating email marketing strategy for Swimming Pool Project Space, including setting up Constant Contact

I co-curated one of the first shows with artist Peregrine Honig, entitled Video as Video: Rewind to Form. The exhibition ran from September 21–October 16, 2008. My duties as co-curator included:

  • Writing press releases, marketing materials for the exhibition Video as Video: Rewind to Form (2008)
  • Developing media kit for Video as Video: Rewind to Form (2008)

For more information about the Swimming Pool Project Space, please visit: http://www.swimmingpoolprojectspace.com/