No, Garrison Keillor, Women Who Take Selfies Aren’t “Asking For It” // Harper’s Bazaar

I was supposed to have a reading of my book, The Selfie Generation, at Garrison Keillor’s bookstore last week, in St. Paul, Minnesota. I canceled the talk after Keillor was accused of alleged inappropriate behavior with a co-worker. Ironically, Keillor couched some of his anger about the accusation in an anti-selfie statement in which he seems to portray himself as a […]

NEW BOOK: “The Selfie Generation” (Skyhorse) is out Nov 7, 2017

My first book The Selfie Generation (Skyhorse) is out November 7, 2017!  Pre-order Now >  Whether it’s Kim Kardashian uploading picture after picture to Instagram or your roommate posting a mid-vacation shot to Facebook, selfies receive mixed reactions. But are selfies more than, as many critics lament, a symptom of a self-absorbed generation? Digital native Alicia Eler’s […]

Letter from the Editor: Alicia Eler / Art21 Magazine

When I was twelve years old, I remember seeing it: my first smiley face. It was gigantic and bright yellow, hanging on the exterior brick wall of a car dealership, located on a busy street in Evanston, Illinois, a suburb just north of Chicago. I hated that smiley face. Seeing its mouth forever turned into […]

Mortified Chicago: Adolescence revisited on ABC-7’s show 190North [TV]

I’ll never forget what it was like to be a teenage girl. Crushes kept me up all night long journaling about a never-ending wave of emotions. I scrawled poems about masturbation while listening to songs on repeat from my idol, queer folk singer-songwriter Ani Difranco. And, of course, I wrote songs about my intense relationships […]

The Owl

By Alicia Eler I. First Word “Owl” is a difficult word for a child to pronounce. As the “o” of “owl” wraps itself around my tongue and tiny teeth, I voice “w” and “l,” until my mouth understands what shape to take. Then my lips come back together, the tip of my tongue resting on […]

Sylvia, Nicole Hollander and Alicia Eler on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight [TV]

How did Sylvia Cartoonist Nicole Hollander become a BadGirlChats blogger with a bustling online community? Social Media Consultant & Writer Alicia Eler discuss Hollander’s entrance into the blogosphere on WTTW’s Chicago Tonight. The original broadcast aired on Monday, December 20 at 7:00 Central Time. And here’s an additional shout-out from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Art Critic, […]

BRAVO’s Work of Art and America’s Queer Boys, Episode 9: Natural Talents

By Alicia Eler & Patricia Herrmann American culture idealizes the beautiful boy as one who lives “between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood.” Unlike adults, he is alive to “enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of every day…”  The beautiful boy can do no wrong. His natural habitat is […]


I had the honor and pleasure of writing a letter to Latham Zearfoss for his upcoming show Selected Works By Latham Zearfoss this Saturday, September 4 at 7 & 9pm at the Nightengale. Facebook Invite for “Trust Me: Selected Works by Latham Zearfoss” Here’s the letter, dated September 1, 2010: Dear Latham, A few years […]

Gendered Assumptions (2010)

We restaged Brassai’s 1932 photograph “Butch and Femme,” which captures a gay Parisian couple out to dinner. Reimagining this photograph in the context of the 21st century leads viewers to question what it means to be queer, and questions the assumed gender roles of traditional lesbian relationships. Tweet

A Widow is a Work of Art: Peregrine Honig’s “The Widow Having a Conversation with Herself” on BRAVO’s Work of Art, Episode 2

Last week on BRAVO’s art reality television show, Work of Art, Peregrine Honig eased into the third round with nary a glance from art critic Jerry Saltz and nods from her fellow contestants. BRAVO isn’t getting much play from Peregrine. She doesn’t shit-talk the other contestants. She shows up to the studio with a smile, […]