In Review | Amie Dicke: Redundancies, Voids and Metaphors of the ‘Real’ / CRAVE

In our postmodern world, one’s identity is fragmented. Quests for the “real” or “authenticity” come off as laughable if posed within the context of art making. Amie Dicke’s solo show Quote Unquote at Anat Ebgi Gallery has a certain air of embracing mediated constructions of the self. In order to search for realness, however, it’s […]

Profile | Jen DeNike: Masterful Modern-Day Myths / CRAVE

NYC/LA artist Jen DeNike draws for a legacy of literature, film and pop culture archetypes in her layered photography, sculpture and performative works. Creating new mythologies or cultural narratives that spin out of her own very personal experiences, relationships and intimacies, DeNike’s vision brings out a sort of surrealistic quality. Aside from the heavily layered […]

Review – Catfish at Anat Ebgi Gallery / CRAVE

I’ve never been catfished, and I haven’t seen the movie Catfish either. There’s a fear of online identity that is perpetuated by the internet, that place where people say things that aren’t fact. There are horrifying catfishing cases like one in which a Tuscaloosa woman created a fake Facebook account named Tre “Topdog” Ellis in order […]