Critic’s Pick: Gilad Ratman at Aspect Ratio Gallery /

Gilad Ratman ASPECT RATIO 119 N Peoria #3D September 21–October 26 In Israeli artist Gilad Ratman’s five-minute, single-channel video The Days of the Family of the Bell, 2012, ten shaking bodies morph into a variety of temporary organic formations. Through this work, Ratman suggests our human dependence on one another regardless of the pain incurred from moments […]

Critic’s Pick: Rodney Graham at Donald Young Gallery /

Rodney Graham 10.23.08 AUTHOR: ALICIA ELER 10.10.08-11.14.08 Donald Young Gallery In his sixth solo show at this gallery, Canadian conceptualist Rodney Graham continues to curiously rework historical moments. Rotary Psycho-Opticon (all works 2008), a replica of a sculpture used by the band Black Sabbath, combines the illusory, dizzying effects of 1960s Op art with an acid-trip-inspired bicycle ride. […]

Critic’s Pick: John Opera at Andrew Rafacz Gallery /

In his new body of work, the Chicago-based photographer John Opera skillfully and conspicuously leaps from landscape to abstract photography. When creating works in the former category, Opera nearly takes an ironic jab at the genre’s tropes but ultimately smartly reworks his references, particularly in the show’s centerpiece, Zoar, 2006–2008. Shooting from across a meandering stream […]

Critic’s Pick: Tom Denlinger at rowland contemporary /

Tom Denlinger’s thoughtful exhibition—of photographs and a video—challenges notions of the local landscape as bland or static. Denlinger brings to the subject a keen sense of three-dimensional space, the museum context, and representations of landscape in art history. To make Around the Art Institute of Chicago: Seurat, 2006, Denlinger re-created in diorama form a heap of […]