Review – Zoe Crosher: Prospecting Palm Fronds / CRAVE

Zoe Crosher’s new body of work LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds at LAX Art (on view through October 24) offers an uncannily beautiful approach to L.A.-specific detritus with a DuChampian appeal toward the question: What is contemporary art? Here’s the gist: Crosher goes around to various sites in Los Angeles, picking up palm fronds that have fallen […]

Essay – The Great American Mini-Golf Game for L.A.’s Arroyo Seco Garden Golf Classic

Hey everyone! I wrote this essay for The Arroyo Seco Garden Golf Classic, an art exhibition as a mini-golf course on Los Angeles’ East Side. The concept is curated by Katie Bode. Check this out and enjoy! The Great American Mini-Golf Game By Alicia Eler My first visit to the hyper-colorful, kitsch-filled mini-golf course that […]

Memories of American Malls / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — I remember my first mall — Lincolnwood Town Center just north of the Indian and Hasidic Jewish blocks of small business on Chicago’s Devon Avenue. Too far to walk and just close enough that driving there with my grandma was a treat not a chore, the two-floor mall was my young girl consumer dreamhouse […]