In Review | Carmen Argote: Making Order Out of Sisterly Chaos / CRAVE

The sister bond goes deep. It’s something that L.A.-based artist Carmen Argote knows from the literal inside out. In her newest solo exhibition, Alex’s Room, at Commonwealth & Council Gallery, Carmen focuses on her sister, Alex. Family is an ongoing theme for Carmen. Her father was the subject of her last two solo exhibitions at Adjunct […]

Exhibit | Carmen Argote Explores The In-Between Spaces of Familial Memories / CRAVE

There is a misty sentimentalism nestled into every aspect of Carmen Argote’s art practice. For her solo exhibition Mansión Magnolia at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, curated by Seth Curcio, she traveled back to the mansión that her family owns in Guadalajara, Mexico, and took up residence there for a few months. While residing in this French-inspired […]