Beyond Pranks: Marc Horowitz’s Mischievous Social Practice / KCET Artbound LA

Los Angeles-based artist Marc Horowitz isn’t a comedian, but humor is an underlying theme in his wide ranging art. Through all of his hybrid performance art/comedy/social practice/long-form experimental projects, he works in a manner more akin to improv comedy than standup, and starts from a place of vulnerability that eventually spins out into something that […]

Charlie White’s Culture of Desire / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Artist Charlie White is invested in the project of American adolescence. Fascinated by the commodification of desire and how this mechanism operates under capitalism, White’s art practice focuses on the teen girl. To White, she is the most powerful bodily form to be employed in the American pop culture imagination, both the locus of reproduction […]

This Journal Is Not a Market / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — Here’s the problem: “It is how people come to see art as a tool, a flavor, or a device.” So says Charlie White, editor of the The Enemy, a triannual online journal that publishes long-form essays on criticism, social science, poetry, celebrity, and other cultural interests. “When viewed this way, and ultimately utilized or […]