David in Decay, or Making the Digital Landscape an Analog Dreamscape / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Michelangelo’s Renaissance masterpiece “David” presents the idealized masculine body. Chiseled and exacted over a period of three years, this perfect man stands on his pedestal, head cocked to one side, proportionate and gorgeous in his porcelain pose. Centuries after its Renaissance birth, The David stands in the Galleria dell’Accademia in Florence, on view for […]

New Bonds and Studio Space Lead to Creative Leaps: Stacia Yeapanis on Chicago’s BOLT Residency / Art21

When Stacia Yeapanis finished graduate school at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2006, she did what many MFA grads do: moved her studio into her home. But soon thereafter Yeapanis found herself overwhelmed by an inability to separate her art practice from other areas of her life. Instead of fretting about […]

Review: Surreal Sculptures Remixing Nature Provoke Environmentalist Concerns / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Walking down an urban Chicago street on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I noticed a gathering of greenery nestled in the crack of a sidewalk jutting up against a cement wall. These small moments of nature poking through the urban landscape reveal themselves when we are not paying attention to anything particular, but rather […]

Chicago Artists’ Newspaper / Chicago Artists’ Coalition

Please contact Chicago Artists’ Coalition directly if you would like copies of these reviews. Thank you! ART REVIEW: Sadie Harmon at Around the Coyote (July/August 2008) ART REVIEW: Patrick Welch at gescheidle (July/August 2008) BOOK REVIEW: Sophie Calle’s Double Game (May 2008) ART REVIEW: Gordon Matta-Clark at MCA (April 2008) ART REVIEW: Shawnee Barton at […]