How comedian Mo Welch channeled depression into a morbidly funny Instagram comic / DailyDot Entertainment

Comedian Mo Welch and her Instagram character Blair are very different, but she admits they’re pretty tight. Welch writes down the random depressing thoughts that cross her mind, and hands them over to her crude line-drawing creation. Blair, also known as Barely Blair, isn’t an overthinker, nor does she have a sexuality other than “Don’t touch […]

I don’t call myself bisexual – I let my stories tell themselves / The Guardian

I’ve always felt attracted to both men and women, but usually not at the same time. One day it’s more dude-focused and then it’s back to women, but it always feels fluid. This has nothing to do with my ability to be in a committed relationship with one person. Actually, open or poly relationships have […]

Tumblr Tales: Dry Wit Butter Stick / ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column for CraveOnline

My roommate David is the kind of guy who becomes Tumblr famous. Not because he tries to do anything awesome, fancy, flashy or even relevant. He’s just cool, and he makes cool art without trying. He has a sense of humor that he inherited from his mom — it’s super dry, slow moving, and full […]

“Crystal Paradise” Column: The Social Networked Dead Zone

This week, Crystal Paradise takes a trip to the strange land of social networked dead zones, where we watch but never touch and see but have a hard time actually connecting. Where will it go? Check out the social networked dead zone and find out: Tweet

The Curious Thing about #Hashtags / Hyperallergic

The new web series #Hashtag follows the lives of young queer women in Chicago whose dating patterns and attractions are significantly affected by the technologies that they use and, at times, abuse. The drama takes place on the mobile devices of Liv and Skyler, two best friends played by #Hashtag writers Laura Zak and Caitlin Bergh, respectively. Big reveals, […]

Revisiting a Time When You Could Look but Not Touch / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — It was 1950, and the men were hot, greased up, and posing as if they were the original “David.” Then they were photographed and choreographed by Chuck Renslow, who founded Kris Studios for male physique photography, at a time when gay male sexuality operated underground. Nearly 65 years later, the images and actions of that world still […]

Making Art in the Midwest / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — The Midwest is no place for haters, slackers, and anyone who can’t admit that they secretly love hot dogs and regularly daydream about living on a farm, or at least somewhere in the woods. Michelle Grabner, co-curator of the 2014 Whitney Biennial, conceived and organized Midwestern Appropriation at the Hyde Park Art Center with the idea […]

Top 5 Chicago Art Shows of 2013 / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Thick snowflakes drift from the gray sky above, the energy-sapping inflatable Christmas decorations are in a constant state of blowing across front lawns citywide, and even my parents’ German Shepherd needs a sweater. It must be that time of year again, when the last of this season’s art exhibitions either close their doors […]

Coffeeshop Writer at Coffee Studio Chicago on ABC-7’s 190 North [TV]

I was caught on camera at the Coffee Studio, my favorite coffeeshop in the entire Chicagoland area! Here’s the link just in case: Tweet

For Chicago, Detroit Isn’t a Distant Reality /

CHICAGO — Much like the city of Detroit’s epic economic saga, this story took me on a wild goose chase. I’m an art journalist reporting on Detroit from Chicago — or, if you would prefer, the Motor City from the Windy City — and that seems odd. The media craze around Detroit just won’t quit, and Chicago […]