Exhibit Review | Radamés “Juni” Figueroa at ltd gallery los angeles / CRAVE

Radamés “Juni” Figueroa makes work that is classic lowbrow meets highbrow, and it works so, so well. Random garbage and things thrown out of foreclosed homes become art. In his solo exhibition Rompiendo en Frío at ltd los angeles, Figueroa incorporates objects such as used air conditioners, bottle tops, a gate that lost its house, […]

Artforum.com Critic’s Pick: MOUNT @ Haw Contemporary KCMO

Kansas City “Mount” HAW/CONTEMPORARY 1600 Liberty September 13–November 2 Donna Huanca, Cuban Rebels (The Last Supper), 2007, fabric on canvas, 8’ 4” x 11’ 7”. In this group exhibition, curator Peregrine Honig channels the historically romanticized American cowboy, positioning him as one who mounts but never rides. John Woods’s three-hundred-pound Marbles and Coins from MacArthur Park, 2008, is the show’s literal […]

Divining the Future of the Past / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Donna Huanca is from the South Side of Chicago, and she hasn’t been back here since she was 15, an adolescent girl. The postcard for her solo exhibition Scrying Threats at Queer Thoughts Gallery is an image of Huanca and 14 other girls, all about the same age, adorned in gold chains and sweatshirts, wearing a similar shade of maroon-colored lipstick […]