When Great Art Makes You LOL / Hyperallergic / collab with Alex Huntsberger

Greetings, Internet! Here’s a delightful essay that I’ve co-authored with my dear friend, Alex Huntsberger, who is a theater critic based in Chicago. Check it!     If you heard peals of laughter ringing out through the quiet, reverent halls of an art museum, what would your reaction be? Would you “tut-tut” in their general […]

Exhibit | Eric Yahnker Plumbs the Depths of American Dumbness / CRAVE

Dumbness is everywhere. Donald Trump, the parody-proof candidate, is just one example of our fascination with the pervasiveness of dumb as it plays out in the theatrical world of American politics. Eric Yahnker’s solo show Noah’s Yacht at Zevitas Marcus Gallery presents viewers with all types of American dumbness, including pun-able phrases, clichés of American […]

Your Art Entertainment Experience Is Here! / Hyperallergic

MONTRÉAL — In the 24/7 news cycle of BuzzFeed, the Huffington Post, and every other “content producer” on the internet, there is a fine line between news and entertainment. In the group exhibition You Won’t Believe (. . .): A Group Exhibition about Entertainment at Division Gallery in Montréal, Québec, curator Loreta Lamargese appropriates the now-iconic Buzzfeed […]