Essay – The Great American Mini-Golf Game for L.A.’s Arroyo Seco Garden Golf Classic

Hey everyone! I wrote this essay for The Arroyo Seco Garden Golf Classic, an art exhibition as a mini-golf course on Los Angeles’ East Side. The concept is curated by Katie Bode. Check this out and enjoy! The Great American Mini-Golf Game By Alicia Eler My first visit to the hyper-colorful, kitsch-filled mini-golf course that […]

The Edna Kolmas Janis Project (2004–2014)

Six months before my grandmother died, I dropped out of Oberlin College and enrolled in the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I felt compelled to be in Chicago, and to help my family care for my grandmother before she passed. I completed the imagery for this project in 2004; now, eight years later, […]