Best of 2016: Our Top 10 Los Angeles Art Shows / Hyperallergic

I’m so pleased to have my LA art pick on this 2016 list for Hyperallergic. This year may have sucked on many levels, but at least the art in LA did not!  Here’s my pick: Read all the LA picks here: Tweet

Tinder Tales: I Like Your Hands / CRAVE Online ‘Crystal Paradise’ Column

There are three ways to approach someone on Tinder after you’ve matched: Say some variation of “hey, how are you?”, send over a compliment based on an image, or ask them a question based off of the photos they’ve posted. It’s hard to start up a conversation with a stranger when you’ve got no context. […]

Teen-Girl Tumblr Aesthetic SHOUTOUT! / Portland Mercury [PRESS]

THE TEEN-GIRL Tumblr aesthetic is alive and well at Fourteen30 Contemporary. In curator Adrianne Rubenstein’s group show, Maraschino, works from Alex Chaves, Josh Mannis, Annelie McKenzie, and Nolan Simon delight and repulse, like the show’s sweetly disgusting namesake. If the teen-girl Tumblr aesthetic is a new concept for you, congratulations! You’re not 18! But also, a shorthand: […]

The Selfie Illusion / press mention on “Selfies, Snapchat and Cyberbullies” blog

I’m excited to be quoted in this post about selfies, snapchat and cyberbullies. danah boyd is in there, too! check it out: Tweet

ArtRx LA feature in Hyperallergic [PRESS]

Hyperallergic‘s ArtRx LA prescribed you a dose of me! Come to my Writer-in-Residence presentation this Saturday 10/25, 5PM at Adjunct Positions (5041 Coringa Drive, LA, CA 90042) where I’ll unveil “Editing Los Angeles,” a collection of jokes, short stories, and other absurdities. MORE INFORMATION HERE: Tweet

“Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie” by Jerry Saltz — New York Magazine [PRESS]

I am honored to be a part of Jerry Saltz’s take on the selfie in his column for this week’s New York Magazine. Check out the quote here: Selfies are usually casual, improvised, fast; their primary purpose is to be seen here, now, by other people, most of them unknown, in social networks. They are never […]

Selfie Column Featured in Psychology Today magazine

My selfie column is in Psychology Today, along with this excellent #artselfie by artist and reality TV star Peregrine Honig! Check it out: Tweet

“Obama Pens Apology to an Art Historian” for Hyperallergic Featured on The Rachel Maddow Show + Hardball with Chris Matthews [TV]

The news I broke for Hyperallergic ended up on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show and NBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews.  MADDOW: MATTHEWS: Read the original story that I wrote for Hyperallergic here:   Tweet

Dreaming on Death Row picked up by The Verge & Nashville Scene

My story for Hyperallergic about the show Unit 2 (Part 1), a collaboration between Watkins College art students and prisoners on death row in Nashville’s Riverbend Maximum Security Prison was picked up by The Verge and the Nashville Scene. Thanks y’all! Artists fulfill the dreams of death row inmates – THE VERGE Coop Gallery’s Unit 2 […]

The Day Portraitlandia Stood Still

CHICAGO — Kirk Crippens’s photographic series Portraitlandia is a visual manifestation of that surreal moment when quotidian life, a hit television show, and a curious photographer converge. Shortly after he shot this series of typical Portlanders, he actually did have a moment of watching the very people he documented appear on the television showPortlandia. But Crippens didn’t mean […]