Revealing Your Inner Selfie / Hyperallergic

This article originally appeared on Hyperallergic. CHICAGO — Selfies are private moments made available for public consumption. When the shutter snaps, the subject realizes that they’re ready to admit something about themselves that would otherwise remain hidden. Every image in this selection offers up clues about the subject’s identity and sense of self. This isn’t Australia’s Next […]

Will S[edition] Become the App Store of Digital Art? / Hyperallergic

The stories we experience online, the people we meet, and the information we discover, offer us new ways to fall in love with the image, the autograph, and even the art object. But what of purchasing art that really only does exist on the internet or in a digital format?   Today, a new expanded […]

Review: Artists Ask What It Means to Like, Share, Follow / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — In an ideal social media universe, Facebook users would feel comfortable enough to openly tell all of their friends whether or not they’re organ donors, what they’re up to this weekend, and if they are in a relationship, single, or looking. There would be no Facebook stalkers or strange friend requests. Everything really would […]