Infinite Return: Jenny Yurshansky Traces Her Soviet Jewish Roots / KCET Artbound

For years, Los Angeles artist Jenny Yurshansky has asked her mom the same question: When will they go back to Moldova? The small country, wedged between Ukraine and Romania, is part of her family’s story. Yet, she’s never even seen it. Yurshansky’s mother and father left their home country of Moldova in 1979 during their late 20s. They were […]

Review – Zoe Crosher: Prospecting Palm Fronds / CRAVE

Zoe Crosher’s new body of work LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds at LAX Art (on view through October 24) offers an uncannily beautiful approach to L.A.-specific detritus with a DuChampian appeal toward the question: What is contemporary art? Here’s the gist: Crosher goes around to various sites in Los Angeles, picking up palm fronds that have fallen […]

Invasive Species: Jenny Yurshansky Plants Her Stake / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Somewhere on Interstate 210, speeding through the California landscape, I looked off into the distance and realized that this view was made for travelers. It was a sunny day, and artist Jenny Yurshansky and I were on our way to her show “Blacklisted: A Planted Allegory” atPitzer College. The drive took nearly an hour, and […]