Conversation Art Podcast Ep.#148: Art & Culture writer Alicia Eler traverses the art and entertainment worlds, and learns how to win at Tinder [PRESS]

Highland Park-based art and culture writer Alicia Eler talks about: Her home in Highland Park, where’s she a tenant of the owners of the artist-run Adjunct Positions, and so never far from an opening and artists, and where she’s become a kind of permanent ‘writer-in-residence’;  her various experiences with standup comedy, as a culture writer […]

Jibz Cameron’s Alter Ego Dynasty Handbag Tells It Like It Is / Artsy

Dynasty Handbag is a performer you won’t easily forget. She is visually striking, typically wearing outlandish outfits onstage, such as a black spandex swimsuit or a vintage long-sleeved shirt and transparent tights tucked into oversized, gold granny panties. Her makeup consists of heavy swathes of blush, thick lashings of eye shadow, and an abundance of […]

8 Instagram photos that pay clever homage to vaginas / DailyDot LOL

The vagina birthed us all into this world, and it deserves the utmost pleasure. The pussy is a gift. But rather than think dirty thoughts, send sexts, or whack off to RedTube, I’d much rather happen upon a suggestive Instagram pic that merely alludes to pussy; the more subtle or suggestive, the better. Here we’ve collected […]