My new short story ALTAR OF ADOLESCENCE is now available on Projecttile Literary Magazine. Teaser below. šŸ˜‰ I. When I speak to my adolescent self, it goes a little something like thisā€¦ I am a teenager and I worship false idols. I fell in love with Katy Perry as soon as she told me I […]

Take a Good Look at Your Selfie / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO ā€” A few weeks ago, I thought that Iā€™d had it with selfies It began with a simple Facebook post declaring: ā€œJust say NO to SELFIES <3 <3 <3.ā€ Less than a week later, I found myself doing exactly what I feared: Alone in a dressing room at Target, I wasĀ snapping selfies with my […]

I, Selfie: Saying Yes to Selfies / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO ā€” People online have a lot to say about selfies: love them, hate them, feel indifferent about them, think theyā€™re part of internet culture, a place we escape to, meld with our offline livesĀ (making for a fluid but often fraught IRL-URL existence), something we learn from. If the selfie is the ultimate mirror in […]