Conversation Art Podcast Ep.#148: Art & Culture writer Alicia Eler traverses the art and entertainment worlds, and learns how to win at Tinder [PRESS]

Highland Park-based art and culture writer Alicia Eler talks about: Her home in Highland Park, where’s she a tenant of the owners of the artist-run Adjunct Positions, and so never far from an opening and artists, and where she’s become a kind of permanent ‘writer-in-residence’;  her various experiences with standup comedy, as a culture writer […]

Actor and Comedian John Early is Taking Over All Your Screens / MAXIM

John Early is literally on fire — there are more flames coming off of him than a young Divine in Pink Flamingos. The young actor-comedian is everywhere—from scoring a Netflix Special titled The Characters to a major role in TBS’s Search Party as well as appearances in Judd Apatow’s show Love and Seth Rogen’s new Neighbors 2. John is also known […]

Breasts, Bernie, and face tats: Exploring the video art of Andrew DeYoung / DailyDot Entertainment

Filmmaker Andrew DeYoung was just chilling on the Internet one day, when Kate Berlant’s “Lampshade Susan” video popped up on his Facebook feed. After being stunned by her brilliance and hilarity, he decided that he had to seek out more of her. So he did what any 21st-century millennial would: He jumped on Twitter and liked a […]

The art world meets Kate Berlant’s brain in new Netflix special / DailyDot Entertainment

When Kate Berlant graced the stage of performance/video artist Dynasty Handbag’s new monthly show Weirdo Night at El Cid late last month, she admitted that she was having some problems leaving the stage. She kept walking off and returning, as if some force kept drawing her back. Either way, audience members wanted her to stay. […]

Interview | Kate Berlant: Comedy from the Other Side / CRAVE

Kate Berlant is a comedian whose work has been described as “surreal,” “not comedy,” and “experimental comedy.” In her very empathic, somewhat “psychic,” and theatrical-without-that-pretentious-edge comedy that’s touring all over the country and especially landing in Los Angeles, Kate takes the stage with a presence that is mesmerizing, hilarious, and seemingly effortless. She remains present without even trying, […]