How Good You Must Be When Everyone Can See / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — In the age of social-networked identities, when every private thought is often public declaration, what does it mean to be “good” or “bad”? Our words become performances, our self-portraits become selfies, and we are present as online brands. It becomes hard to take emotional moments seriously. In the exhibition Be Good for Goodness Sake, now on view at Muriel Guépin Gallery in […]

Essay for Kathy Halper’s Exhibition ‘TMI (Too Much Information)’ at Packer-Schopf Gallery

TMI (Too Much Information) Kathy Halper Packer Schopf Gallery May 24 – July 6 2013 It is that moment at the school prom when the hot football player flicks off the camera before he gets wasted, and then falls between his high school sweetheart’s legs for the first time. The freshly pricked former virgin, sitting […]