Mirabelle Jones Fights For Women’s Rights One Catcall at a Time / KCET Artbound

Catcalling can happen randomly. As a woman, you might start to even expect it. Over time, some women become less phased by it and more internally pissed off. It’s hard to remain neutral and unfeeling when some random guy yells obscenities at you, tells you he wants to have your baby, or just that you […]

Matt Siegle: Mining the San Gabriel Mountains’ Golden Past / KCET Artbound Los Angeles

Artist Matt Siegle wanted to understand the drifters, 19th century historical enthusiasts, and homeless individuals who inhabit the San Gabriel Mountains today, where gold mining was once a thriving industry. What he found didn’t so much complete a narrative as inspire further research into this area just north of Los Angeles that was very much […]

Miranda July: Looking for Somebody / KCET Los Angeles

Somewhere, somebody is looking for you. They are waiting at a cafĂ© on Sunset Boulevard, gazing at the screen of their smartphone, anticipating the tiny ding of a bell that lets them know a message is waiting. They are using Miranda July’s new iOS app Somebody, co-created with support from Miu Miu. In a modern world […]