Sculptural Remnants and Re-creations of Jimmy Page / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Led Zeppelin, man — they were so before my time. Arguably the inventors of heavy metal, the band reached their height of fame in the early 1970s with the song “Stairway to Heaven” on their untitled fourth album. Through the works of artist Karolina Gnatowski, now on view in the artist’s solo exhibition Lined Pages at Lloyd Dobler Gallery, contemporary viewers […]

Pissing in the Windy City / Hyperallergic

Little boys don’t piss in rivers. They pee in picturesque ways and all look like the “Manneken Pis,” a small bronze fountain sculpture of a little boy peeing forever into the fountain’s basin. On view in Brussels since it was erected by Hiëronynus Duseuesnoy the Elder in 1618-ish, this sculpture serves as the inspiration for […]

Closing the Loop: Fan Art, Part 2 / Hyperallergic

Editor’s note: This is the second installment of a two-part series on the intersection of fan art and contemporary art. Read part 1 here. CHICAGO — Falling in love with an image isn’t easy. Images are unattainable, removed, and physically distant, yet they feel so real and right there with you. Images of people are also the teen […]

Art News: Expo Marks the Beginning of Chicago’s New Art Identity in Post-Mayor Daley Era / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — The excitement and buzz around Expo Chicago, the Windy City’s resurgence into the international art world, felt deafening. Practically every artist in the city who knew how to handle art was in some way involved with the fair. Newcitynewspaper, the city’s #1 alt-weekly, published “Chicago top 50 artists,” a timely and simultaneously ballsy list explaining […]

Performance: Marie Walz’s “Nick Rhodes/Outer Space/Waffle”

I had the delightful pleasure of participating in Chicago-based artist Marie Walz’s live performance art piece, “Nick Rhodes/Outer Space/Waffle” (2011) at Food & Performance: A Showcase of Performance Art involving Edibles. Nick Rhodes/Outer Space/Waffle Red Velvet Waffles by Marie Walz performers: Alicia Eler, Gabe Sopocy, Lara Oppenheimer, Marie Walz, Megan Milks Artist Statement by Marie Walz […]