Miranda July on Why Catherine Opie is Into Elizabeth Taylor’s Stuff / CRAVE

Miranda July took to the stage at the West Hollywood Council Chambers the other weekend with an air of curiosity, lucidness and vulnerability. For her lecture “Artists on Artists: Miranda July on Catherine Opie,” she spoke about artist Catherine Opie’s latest show 700 Nimes Road, which is a collection of photographs of Elizabeth Taylor’s stuff and […]

The celebrity DM is the great equalizer / DailyDot Entertainment

It’s not every day that we hear about a gay lady couple with a 32-year age difference. So goes the story of actress Sarah Paulson and her much older lady love Holland Taylor, whose relationship first hit the Internet a few months ago. It was hard not to swoon over their adorable public tweets to […]

Miranda July on Killing Somebody / Artsy

For the past year, Miranda July’s app Somebody has facilitated the transmission of messages to people you know via strangers. Type a note into the app—with instructions regarding how the message should be conveyed, if you wish—and another user will be sent on a mission to find your friend and deliver it verbally. The app […]

How to Get Lena Dunham, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Catherine Opie to Send You an Email / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — We are “connected” yet always alone. It’s a shared sentiment that will define this internet generation of likers, commenters, rebloggers, texters, and pinners. These are the selfie-shooters who take smartphone images of themselves in the privacy of their bathrooms and then share them on the very public yet semi-anonymous internet, and who use email to […]