Managing Editor: The OPP ART CRITICS SERIES for the OtherPeoplesPixels Blog

We are pleased to announce The OPP ART CRITICS SERIES, a new collaboration with OtherPeoplesPixels. In the spirit of continuing to explore/explode Mr. Walter Benjamin’s idea of the “aura,” artist-run website portfolio service OtherPeoplesPixels is tackling the idea of asking art critics to examine art through websites rather than in a gallery or museum setting. We were […]

The Child is (Un)dead: Taxidermy Art as Resurrected Victorian Post-Mortem Photography / Essay for the OPP Art Critics Series

Slipping the fur skin of a dead animal over a perfectly crafted taxidermy form produces a visual illusion of life, much in the tradition of a trompe l’oeil painting. In traditional taxidermy terms, the relationship between man and animal is that of a hunter conquering nature. The tradition of taxidermy as art dates back to […]

OtherPeoplesPixels Artists & Social Media Series: Reverend Lainie Love Dalby Preaches Spirituality via Social Networks

Reverend Lainie Love Dalby is not a pop culture goddess by any means. In a time of heightened economic, spiritual and emotional insecurity exacerbated by media-saturation, the Reverend is here to help people “live their best life”—but not in theOprah sense of the word. The NYC-based urban priestess, who is often referred to as “The Lady Gaga […]

OtherPeoplesPixels Artists & Social Media Series: Julia Barbee’s Social Scents

Portland-based artist Julia Barbee wants to know what you smell like. Or, at least what type of scent you would select based on your ecommerce profile or a Craigslist ad that you post. Barbee wanders into that strange strip of creative space between fine art and high fashion, adding touches of anonymous Internet moments along the way. […]

OtherPeoplesPixels Artists & Social Media Series: Sabina Ott

Artist Sabina Ott is no stranger to the social web. For more than 25 years, she has been investigating the process and act of painting. The Internet and Gertrude Stein’s prose are two of her major influences. “To me, Stein is the prescient literature to the Internet because her work follows the process of present, lifted, moved, […]

OtherPeoplesPixels Artists & Social Media Series: Ellen Greene As the Gloved Magician

OPP: We’re excited to bring you something new today to inform and inspire how you use social media as an artist. Arts writer and critic, Alicia Eler, is the author of this series in conversation with artists who use social media to their advantage. We all know we’re “supposed” to be promoting ourselves as creative […]