Essay for Kathy Halper’s Exhibition ‘TMI (Too Much Information)’ at Packer-Schopf Gallery

TMI (Too Much Information) Kathy Halper Packer Schopf Gallery May 24 – July 6 2013 It is that moment at the school prom when the hot football player flicks off the camera before he gets wasted, and then falls between his high school sweetheart’s legs for the first time. The freshly pricked former virgin, sitting […]

RAW Vision Magazine Features Eler’s “Invisible Mother’s Milk” Essay for Ellen Greene

My essay for Ellen Greene‘s solo exhibition, “Invisible Mother’s Milk” at Packer-Schopf Gallery (through December 29) is in the Winter 2012/2013 issue of Raw Vision Magazine, a British print publication dedicated to outsider/brut/folk/naïve/intuitive/visionary art. The magazine hits U.S. newsstands in January 2013. (The fine editors at RAW were kind enough to send me an advance copy.) I […]

Catalogue Essay for Artist Ellen Greene’s Solo Exhibition “Invisible Mother’s Milk”

  “Invisible Mother’s Milk” Essay Ellen Greene’s oeuvre is a cacophony of symbols. It is birthed from the artist’s visions, old school tattoo flash turned feminine power symbols, countless pairs of womens’ hand gloves and “Invisible Mother” Victorian photographs. Greene’s work defies categories and time periods; she doesn’t fit into outsider art, fine art or […]