There Are No Winners, Only Losers: Peregrine Honig’s LOSER

xoxoo love, loser American culture is obsessed with winning and success, yet it is fixated on losers. On August 10, 2010, in the final episode of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, the reality television competition for artists, 1.48 million people nationwide watched as artist Peregrine Honig lost the final challenge. She came in […]

Finding The Hero on BRAVO’s Work of Art, Episode 10: The Big Show

By Alicia Eler & Patricia Herrmann Pop culture is replete with stories of young men realizing their potential and becoming heroes.  In the first season of Work of Art, pop culture’s introduction to the heretofore secretive Art World, America was provided with the familiar hero’s story. In the tenth and final episode, The Big Show, […]

BRAVO’s Work of Art and America’s Queer Boys, Episode 9: Natural Talents

By Alicia Eler & Patricia Herrmann American culture idealizes the beautiful boy as one who lives “between the innocence of babyhood and the dignity of manhood.” Unlike adults, he is alive to “enjoy every second of every minute of every hour of every day…”  The beautiful boy can do no wrong. His natural habitat is […]

Gendered Assumptions (2010)

We restaged Brassai’s 1932 photograph “Butch and Femme,” which captures a gay Parisian couple out to dinner. Reimagining this photograph in the context of the 21st century leads viewers to question what it means to be queer, and questions the assumed gender roles of traditional lesbian relationships. Tweet