Conversation Art Podcast Ep.#148: Art & Culture writer Alicia Eler traverses the art and entertainment worlds, and learns how to win at Tinder [PRESS]

Highland Park-based art and culture writer Alicia Eler talks about: Her home in Highland Park, where’s she a tenant of the owners of the artist-run Adjunct Positions, and so never far from an opening and artists, and where she’s become a kind of permanent ‘writer-in-residence’;  her various experiences with standup comedy, as a culture writer […]

Selfie Column Featured in Psychology Today magazine

My selfie column is in Psychology Today, along with this excellent #artselfie by artist and reality TV star Peregrine Honig! Check it out: Tweet Critic’s Pick: MOUNT @ Haw Contemporary KCMO

Kansas City “Mount” HAW/CONTEMPORARY 1600 Liberty September 13–November 2 Donna Huanca, Cuban Rebels (The Last Supper), 2007, fabric on canvas, 8’ 4” x 11’ 7”. In this group exhibition, curator Peregrine Honig channels the historically romanticized American cowboy, positioning him as one who mounts but never rides. John Woods’s three-hundred-pound Marbles and Coins from MacArthur Park, 2008, is the show’s literal […]

The Owl

By Alicia Eler I. First Word “Owl” is a difficult word for a child to pronounce. As the “o” of “owl” wraps itself around my tongue and tiny teeth, I voice “w” and “l,” until my mouth understands what shape to take. Then my lips come back together, the tip of my tongue resting on […]

The Lost Art of the Self-Portrait /

CHICAGO — The selfie is a smartphone-produced version of the self-portrait, which has been a staple of art and photography history since artists first began seeing examining their own images in the mirror. The selfie series here on Hyperallergic has mostly utilized images shot mostly with smartphone cameras, a way for the one shooting the picture to see themselves […]

Take a Good Look at Your Selfie / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — A few weeks ago, I thought that I’d had it with selfies It began with a simple Facebook post declaring: “Just say NO to SELFIES <3 <3 <3.” Less than a week later, I found myself doing exactly what I feared: Alone in a dressing room at Target, I was snapping selfies with my […]

The Child is (Un)dead: Taxidermy Art as Resurrected Victorian Post-Mortem Photography / Essay for the OPP Art Critics Series

Slipping the fur skin of a dead animal over a perfectly crafted taxidermy form produces a visual illusion of life, much in the tradition of a trompe l’oeil painting. In traditional taxidermy terms, the relationship between man and animal is that of a hunter conquering nature. The tradition of taxidermy as art dates back to […]

Dolphin Gallery, Kansas City Art World Stronghold, To Close / Hyperallergic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For more than 20 years, John O’Brien’s Dolphin Gallery has been a cultural and community epicenter for Kansas City artists. Located in a huge white wall space in the West Bottoms, a historical area in downtown Kansas City, the Dolphin is the size of a barn, and embodies the charisma of an established Chelsea […]

Traveling with Peregrine Honig’s American-Argentinian Twin Boys / Art21

Peregrine Honig’s experience at the Proyecto Áce Residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina, attuned her senses to an unfamiliar culture as well as her American roots. This sentiment is reflected in the image she honed at the residency: Analogue Tendril, a silkscreen series of two blonde-haired, blue-eyed boys gazing vacantly into a nether space. Honig carried the first phase […]

How Residencies Change an Artist’s Practice / Art21

In a perfect world, every artist would have an opportunity to take time off and wander into that space outside of reality where creativity blossoms. Few artists make a living off of their work alone, and even so it’s difficult to constantly feel inspired and motivated to make work in your hometown and studio. This […]