Review – Zoe Crosher: Prospecting Palm Fronds / CRAVE

Zoe Crosher’s new body of work LA-LIKE: Prospecting Palm Fronds at LAX Art (on view through October 24) offers an uncannily beautiful approach to L.A.-specific detritus with a DuChampian appeal toward the question: What is contemporary art? Here’s the gist: Crosher goes around to various sites in Los Angeles, picking up palm fronds that have fallen […]

Review – Catfish at Anat Ebgi Gallery / CRAVE

I’ve never been catfished, and I haven’t seen the movie Catfish either. There’s a fear of online identity that is perpetuated by the internet, that place where people say things that aren’t fact. There are horrifying catfishing cases like one in which a Tuscaloosa woman created a fake Facebook account named Tre “Topdog” Ellis in order […]

Beyond Pranks: Marc Horowitz’s Mischievous Social Practice / KCET Artbound LA

Los Angeles-based artist Marc Horowitz isn’t a comedian, but humor is an underlying theme in his wide ranging art. Through all of his hybrid performance art/comedy/social practice/long-form experimental projects, he works in a manner more akin to improv comedy than standup, and starts from a place of vulnerability that eventually spins out into something that […]

Petra Cortright: Post-Internet Art in the Social Media Age / KCET Artbound LA

Petra Cortright was raised in Santa Barbara, but she grew up on the Internet. The Los Angeles-based artist’s work is often typified as “post-Internet art,” which roughly translates to art that uses the Internet as its medium, source, context and place where it is performed, all at once. It’s a mirror and a mindbender. Curators […]