Subvert Valentine’s Day: remake the celebration of love in your own image / The Guardian

Valentine’s Day is an awkward, sensitive holiday whether or not you have a significant other and, perhaps especially, if you are single. To be “without love” on a day designed to celebrate it as loudly and publicly as possible can make even the most secure single person question their life. But there’s more love to […]

I don’t call myself bisexual – I let my stories tell themselves / The Guardian

I’ve always felt attracted to both men and women, but usually not at the same time. One day it’s more dude-focused and then it’s back to women, but it always feels fluid. This has nothing to do with my ability to be in a committed relationship with one person. Actually, open or poly relationships have […]

Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic / .dpi 32 Queer Networks

By Alicia Eler and Brannon Rockwell-CharlandNo: 32 Queer Networks   Abstract Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic focuses on Tumblr as a space of safety, creativity, self-expression, and escape for young queer women and women of color while considering the paradox of the Internet as subject to market logic. It is a fluid, deeply […]

Jacolby Satterwhite Keeps Reality Virtual / Hyperallergic

LOS ANGELES — Jacolby Satterwhite’s solo exhibition How lovly is me being as I am is born out of a maternal virtual hive mind. Satterwhite fills OHWOW, a spacious white cube in West Hollywood, with 10 large-scale C-prints from the series Satellites and En Plein Air, four nylon-and-enamel sculptures called “Metonym,” and the six-channel video “Reifying Desire.” The visual centerpiece […]

Mortified Chicago: Adolescence revisited on ABC-7’s show 190North [TV]

I’ll never forget what it was like to be a teenage girl. Crushes kept me up all night long journaling about a never-ending wave of emotions. I scrawled poems about masturbation while listening to songs on repeat from my idol, queer folk singer-songwriter Ani Difranco. And, of course, I wrote songs about my intense relationships […]

The Curious Thing about #Hashtags / Hyperallergic

The new web series #Hashtag follows the lives of young queer women in Chicago whose dating patterns and attractions are significantly affected by the technologies that they use and, at times, abuse. The drama takes place on the mobile devices of Liv and Skyler, two best friends played by #Hashtag writers Laura Zak and Caitlin Bergh, respectively. Big reveals, […]

Road Tripping to the Queer South / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — A seven-week road trip isn’t something you just plan overnight. In fact, it’s a long-term project that takes significant strategizing and visits to Once on the road, it becomes clear that not everyone has the stamina for that seemingly never-ending alone time, the ritual of tuning into local radio stations and trying […]

Queer Freakazoid Liberator Goddess: Dionysus for the 21st Century / Hyperallergic

You’ve probably heard of Dionysus, an Olympian god with a reputation for being a badass. What you didn’t know about him, however, is that he’s also your new androgynous goddess, ready to liberate all who grace his presence through the power of dance, ritual, magic, and music. When I happened upon Zak Plum’s forthcoming graphic novel Rites […]

Ask Me Any (Gendered) Question / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Gender is a fun game to play — if you know the rules and are willing to break them accordingly. As I was working on a story about a queer art show here in Chicago, I found myself thinking about the show as a space for cruising, as if in a bathhouse. Conveniently, much of […]

The Fairytale Lives: Unpublished Feature on Taras Polataiko’s “Sleeping Beauty”

With the gay marriage debates once again heating up in the United States and, of course, on Facebook, and actor Tilda Swinton’s sleeping in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, now felt like the perfect time to revisit Canadian-Ukrainian artist Taras Polataiko’s Sleeping Beauty performance artwork, which went viral in the fall […]