Exhibition Essay for “The Great Refusal: Taking on New Queer Aesthetics”

Interpreting Progressive Rituals of a New Queer Aesthetics Queer time follows its own rules, building around location, movement and identification. Adulthood, responsibility and other aspects of the “mature” self as defined by a normative time do not exist as such in queer time. Adolescence may be revisited, re-experienced and revised. Family is a combination of […]

Art Chicago 2010 Panel: Social Media Strategies in Chicago’s Art Community

If you’re ready to get over the old hat “death of the art critic” conversation and learn about how useful and—dare I say it?—fun social media can be, find your way to this Art Chicago panel. Follow tweets about the panel by searching for #artsocialmedia during the panel discussion. To add your own tweets, just […]