An Online Project Shames Selfie-Takers at Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial / Hyperallergic

World War II ended more than 70 years ago, but the horrors of the Holocaust (or Shoah, in Hebrew) have not receded from historical memory. Yet for some reason, there’s a disconnect when it comes to social media culture. Many people casually visit Holocaust memorial sites and take selfies or sexy pics, all the while knowing […]

Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic / .dpi 32 Queer Networks

By Alicia Eler and Brannon Rockwell-CharlandNo: 32 Queer Networks   Abstract Naming a Radical Queer Girl Tumblr Aesthetic focuses on Tumblr as a space of safety, creativity, self-expression, and escape for young queer women and women of color while considering the paradox of the Internet as subject to market logic. It is a fluid, deeply […]

Uber Driver Moments: From Solon’s Midwestern Engine to Sylvester’s Selfie Ways / CRAVE Online “Crystal Paradise” Column

I do not have a car and I live in LA. I hate driving; it makes me feel anxious and distracted at the same time. I’ve never been a good driver – my mom fears driving with me. Maybe I’m one of those people that can’t handle manmade engines. Luckily, I moved to LA at […]

Introducing the “Crystal Paradise” Column for LA magazine CRAVE Online

Hello! I’m pleased to announce Crystal Paradise, a new weekly column for LA publication CRAVE Online. It runs every Tuesday from here on out. This is the first column. Stay tuned for more. Art, Identity, And The Digital Gaze From tech panels to Web-themed performance art, writer Alicia Eler reflects upon sexual identity across the digiverse. […]

Is There a Queer Selfie? / Hyperallergic

  CHICAGO — If the act of allowing someone else to photograph you is read as normative, the selfie in and of itself is a queer act of taking back the gaze. So is there such a thing as a queer selfie, or is the selfie inherently a queer(ed) self-portrait? To clarify, in this case […]

Revealing the Group Selfie / Hyperallergic

CHICAGO — Selfies are no more a singular activity than any other type of digital vernacular photograph. The couple selfie and the group selfie are integral to selfie satisfaction for today’s socially networked individual. They may also include incarnations of multiples such as the coincidental twin selfie, the fake couple selfie, the sorority selfie, and […]