In ‘Shapeshifters’, Artists Explore the Always-Fluid World of Identity / CRAVE

The sprawling group exhibition Shapeshifters, curated by Tim Goossens, showcases five artists whose work challenges social, sexual and gendered norms. It’s a refreshing show to see out in Venice at Shulamit Nazarian Gallery, which is located almost on the oceanfront. Each piece in the show creates new dialogue around gendered performative politics and notions of […]

Review | Genevieve Gaignard’s “Us Only” at Shulamit Nazarin Gallery / CRAVE

In Genevieve Gaignard’s solo show “Us Only” at Shulamit Nazarin, she imagines three distinct character personas, all of which connect to her identity as a high yellow femme woman. She is of mixed race but her identity reads to most people as a “ginger,” a white girl, ultimately rendering her invisible as a person of […]